Young Horses

Thinking of retraining an ex-racehorse? Read on!

I love Thoroughbreds, and my Dad bred them for the local racetracks.  Quite a few ended up back with us for retraining for various disciplines including show jumping and polo, and one of the best horses I ever played polocrosse on, Silver Hills Milk, didn’t do much on the track!  Nowadays, I try to always …

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What to Do When Winter Weather Gets in the Way!

If the weather forecasters are right, we’re in for a cold winter, with lots of snow! Unless you are blessed with an indoor school, this can mean difficulties trying to ride our horses.  However, there are plenty of things you can do to train your horse from the ground and in fact, sometimes it is …

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New Environments

Build confidence and make hacking a pleasurable experience by following these simple tips when riding your horse into a new environment. They will also help you out when at shows where you want your horse to settle into their new surrounding quickly so they are ready to perform.

Early Days

I start hundreds of horses each year and like to feel I have created a robust programme around the “Starting Process” enabling the horses to learn in a building block fashion and progress steadily through their education.  In this video I would like to share with you some insights into the first few rides I give a young horse after …

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