Riding Tips

Comfort with Contact

Here we have George again, who has a problem with accepting contact with the bit. In this video I use lateral flexions to soften him through the front of his body, following the four step process from the Your Horsemanship ‘Flexions’ module. I am pretty please with the result in this early session.

Working on One Rein Stops

An essential part of regaining control¬†of your horse and allowing them to come back from a flight situation, one rein stops are very important. Here I work with George on establishing a one rein stop. Make sure to feel for the hind end stepping over – that’s when you know you have got it.

TIP: Using a Whip

Make sure you choose a stiff whip and learn how to transmit energy through it to your horse in this quick video tip. It is not about giving them a big ‘thwack’ rather than incrementally building out the frequency and intensity of your requests until you get the desired result.

Forward with Collection

This video tip builds on the balance work in the Your Horsemanship Foundation Training programme (at the end of the ridden stages) and teaches horse and rider the importance of coming ‘up and through’ for a collected, forward movement. This will help with all your ridden manoeuvres. When you have mastered the lesson, check out …

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Mounting from a Mounting Block

The video tip will help you position your horse solidly by a mounting block in order for you to mount with no problems. Just stay calm, consistent and decisive (CCD) and follow the steps. It will soon pay off!

Creating a Consistent Jumper

A quick tip on how to build your horse’s confidence over jumps. Start small and increase the ‘scariness’ before you increase the height. Excuse the rain in this video – poor Diesel! Check out the Jumping Ditches video form the Re-Education course too for more tips on helping your horse over scary objects.

Jockey Position

A really simple tip but an important one when working at speed with your horse. Let go of your tension and move with your horse like a jockey!

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