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Welcome to the Your Horsemanship Library!

Go ahead and take a look around and click the free Preview lessons in the Challenges course, which will give you a taste of what's in store when you subscribe. These Challenges are designed to help you test your skills and you can tell other Your Horsemanship community members how you get on in the Chat section. If you would like to have access to the full programme from just £23 per month, tap the pricing banner below.

The Programme

Gain an understanding of the nature of the horse, how they learn and how to be an effective horseman. We advise that all students familiarise themselves with these simple principles before commencing any training with a horse.

Follow the Foundation Training programme through from start to finish and learn how to work with a horse from first principles to starting, hacking out confidently to correct schooling under saddle.

Understand why things go wrong and the common problems horses and riders face. Presented as a library of problems and solutions, each lesson is linked to the relevant learning in the Foundation Training Course.

Our Challenges

The lessons in the Challenges section are standalone, open to all registered users, and may be viewed at any time.

Make use of these free, creative horsemanship patterns to test your proficiency. Foundation Course lessons are linked to relevant challenges. We strongly believe that practicing with purpose is the best way to learn!

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BASIC RIDDEN: Rhythmical Canter

Jason demonstrating a canter