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You're missing out on Jason Webb's comprehensive Your Horsemanship online course, consisting of over 250 lessons across three areas. Pre-Training Knowledge gives you the background and theory needed. The Foundation Training course takes you through the fundamental horsemanship topics, including all the main areas of knowledge needed to be successful in groundwork and under saddle. Finally, the Re-Education course is there to help you deal with any issues you may encounter with your horse. You also get full access to the Members' Chat Forum, where you can discuss with Jason and other members. Premium Members also get significant discounts to our other services. If you'd rather go for lighter content, try out the Live Online Membership and gain access to Webinars, Challenges, Q&As, and a private Facebook Group.

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Your Horsemanship also offers a range of services, both at Risebridge Farm, and also out and about. We also have a range of gear available in our Shop: