Health and Safety

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Before I start work with any horse I assess whether it is physically healthy and sound. As horses can’t talk, they may communicate pain or discomfort through unwanted behaviour such as bucking, rearing etc. In these cases it is important to have them thoroughly checked by a vet for any physical problem.

I have a mantra when it comes to priorities when working with a horse – ‘Your safety. Your horse’s safety. Training.’ As I am sure you are aware, horses have the potential to be very dangerous. Risks can be minimised by wearing appropriate protective equipment, being aware of your limitations as a trainer and rider, and making sure you have a plan with your horse, whatever your goal for the session might be.

When handling any horse you should have in mind the ‘danger zones’ around them. Horses have limited vision directly in front and behind them. It is important to stay out of these areas until you understand how to work safely within them. The parts of this programme that explain desensitisation will help you with this.

Pay heed also to the horse’s natural fight and flight instincts. When under pressure they can flee and may run over you or, if in a situation they feel unable to run from, may bite or kick. If you are not positioned correctly you will be in danger.

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