Would you like to become a horse trainer?

We are often asked the question, “How do you become a horse trainer?” which is not easy to answer! Becoming a horse trainer in any discipline requires dedication, perseverance, patience, a thirst for knowledge, an open mind and of course that elusive “feel”. Undertaking a horse training apprenticeship programme is a great way to get started.
jason leans on fence with horse
Jason offers horse training apprenticeships not only for those with dreams of becoming a skilled and respected horse trainer, but also those who want to work with horses as a groom or other professional capacity. All of our apprentices are encouraged to take their NVQ Levels, receive regular tuition and a small wage. Those taken on as apprentices receive daily guidance and training from Jason and Tom and are required to demonstrate with their own and Jason’s horses a high standard of handling, riding and understanding before they are able to train other horses.

We also welcome work experience students from local colleges and have an excellent relationship with top agricultural colleges such as Hadlow and Plumpton.

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