Horse Behaviour Problems

“I view it like this; the horse has created a strong, instinctive pathway in his mind that keeps him safe whenever he feels threatened. As a trainer, I need to develop a new neurological pathway that also keeps him safe but becomes stronger than the old one.” - Jason Webb

Jason has a remarkable ability to re-educate the most dangerous or unhandled horses and regularly receives referrals of from vets, farriers, training yards, instructors and professional riders including Olympians of horses with severe behaviour problems. He is often seen as a ‘last chance’ for horses that are destined for euthanasia but is also used extensively for horses with milder issues that impact on their rider’s enjoyment or competition success. The horse behaviour problems and ridden problems we handle is ever expanding but include; Aggression, Leading, Loading, Foot handling, Mounting, Napping, Rearing, Bucking, Bolting, Spooking, Refusals, General Manners, Traffic Shy, Excitability at Competitions, Kicking, Control Issues, Catching, Tying-up

We provide the following services for horses with Horse Behaviour or ridden problems:

  • Retraining at Risebridge Farm; the duration of your horse’s stay will depend on the nature and severity of the issue.
  • A consultation where Jason can give advice and recommendations.
  • Private lessons at your place or ours.
  • Loading training

Over the years, Jason has developed some unique solutions to various horse behaviour problems that have been tried and tested to ‘reprogram’ the horse’s reactions to certain situations. He always starts with his groundwork program, gaining respect and control of the horse on the ground and laying the foundations for work under saddle. Once the horse has been retrained, Jason firmly believes that it is equally important to educate and equip the handler and rider with the relevant knowledge and skills, which is why he has developed Your Horsemanship to allow them to continue to progress with their horses at home.

If you have any questions about how we can help you and your horse, please Contact Us

We firmly believe in ‘honesty is the best policy’ and if we don’t feel that horse and rider are suited, or if the horse is going to be too dangerous, we will advise accordingly. We are able to provide references and testimonials from clients with horses that have similar problems to yours so you can rest assured that your horse in the right hands.

From ‘virtually unrideable’ to an ‘absolute pleasure – Lindt and Bear – two of our many success stories!


Lindt is a beautifully bred dressage horse who had started his competitive career before becoming “virtually unrideable and dangerous” at a professional dressage yard, bucking, rearing and rushing whenever he got worried. After six months out of work, Jason was seen as his last chance.

Jason explains, “Lindt was a highly sensitive horse – very claustrophobic and he couldn’t deal with pressure well, which led to him displaying horse behaviours such as rearing, bucking and bolting. I spent a lot of time desensitising him and getting him to work without bit contact. Once he had softened and relaxed into his work, I was able to ask him to accept light contact and getting him to deal with pressure situations in a calm and controlled manner”. After an eight week stay, Lindt’s owner and trainer were able to come and ride him and take him home, confident that they would be able to continue his dressage training. We are delighted to hear that Lindt is back competing successfully in Affiliated Dressage, qualifying for the Regional Championships and making his debut in Prix St. Georges!

Katie Jaye-Lipton, Lindt’s owner explains “We were really losing all hope and cannot thank Jason and his staff more for giving us our horse back. I never, in a million years thought we would make it through and get to this point with him. I have been recommending Jason to everyone with “problem” horses! The transformation in Lindt is amazing, he continues to progress in leaps and bounds and we are very excited about his future!”


Bear was rescued by his owner, Vicky, but struggled to gain his trust. Becoming increasingly dangerous to handle and ride, she decided to send him to us.

Jason explains, “Bear was one of the worst cases of bolting I had come across and I honestly didn’t know whether he could be safely retrained. Most horses with habits such as bolting and rearing are fine as long as you don’t put pressure on them but if the problem is not nipped in the bud, it will escalate to the point when they bolt or rear whenever they feel the slightest pressure. Bear had got to this stage and he had become very dangerous to ride and increasingly difficult to handle on the ground.

Unless you go to the root of the problem with horses like Bear, you will never truly solve the problem, but this can sometimes be quite tough. I view it like this; the horse has created a strong, instinctive pathway in his mind that keeps him safe whenever he feels threatened. As a trainer, I need to develop a new pathway that also keeps him safe but becomes stronger than the old one.”

The transformation in Bear has been incredible. Vicky regularly participates in Jason’s clinics and is now able to compete in local showing, jumping and cross country events. Bear is now a pleasure to be around and Vicky’s children are even enjoying the odd ride on him too!

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