Your Horsemanship Online Member Benefits

A good foundation is something that every horse needs, so membership of the Your Horsemanship Community is a fantastic investment to make sure that you and your horse have the right building blocks to progress and access to support and advice, as and when you need it.

Your Horsemanship online training shares my years of experience with training young and remedial horses and presents it in a clear, concise and easy to understand online format that is relevant to horse owners and riders of all ages and abilities.

‘On demand’ online access means you can progress at your own pace and revisit the training material at any time you choose within your membership year. Check out the table below to see exactly what’s included in our standard and premium memberships and be sure to check out our testimonials page to see what other members say about our friendly horse training community.

Your Horsemanship Member Benefits
Benefits Premium
250+ Videos & 365 Days Access to Online Learning
Discounts on other Your Horsemanship Services
(See price list)
Discounted Rates Standard Rates
-- Horse Training Discounted Rates Standard Rates
-- Camps, Clinics, Lessons Discounted Rates Standard Rates
-- Demonstrations Discounted Rates Standard Rates
Discount from Educators
Special Offers
Eligible for Industry Course
Access to Forum Advice
Monthly Challenge Cup & Quizzes
Bonus Online Material
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I hope that you will agree that at less than the price of just two private lessons per year, membership of the Your Horsemanship community is great value for money! This value commitment is extremely important to me because I want everyone (and by extension every horse) to have access to this information and the effective training principles that are contained within it.

So, what are you waiting for? Get In & Get On and join Your Horsemanship today!

Price List (Inc VAT)
Join Premium Online to get great savings!
Horse Training (per week)
Start Your Horse Course £550 £500 £50 per week
Gold £400 £380 £20 per week
Silver £350 £330 £20 per week
Holiday Livery (No training) £144 £120 £24 per week
Off Site £120 & travel £100 & travel £20
On site Assessment £100 £80 £20
On site private lesson £80 £70 £10
1-1 Surgery £65 £55 £10
Clinic £45 £35 £10
Loading £250 & travel £200 & travel £50
Half Day £250 & travel £225 & travel £25
YH Educator lesson (Tom Mitchell) £varies All £5
Full Day £500 & travel £450 & travel £50
2 Day £250 £200 £50
3 Day £365 £315 £50
Coffee Morning £10 Free (charity donation)
Lecture £TBC £TBC £5
Demonstrations £500 (plus expenses) £450 (plus expenses) £50
YH Demonstrations (Spectator) £TBC £TBC £5