Why Join?

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Why Join?

I’m Jason Webb and I’m delighted to introduce Your Horsemanship to you.

Teaching riders and their horses is my passion as well as my job. Over the years I’ve learnt that training horses is a journey, with the usual ups and downs of any relationship. We may face challenges as our horses develop, but if the foundations of our training are strong and we understand what is required to progress, we can keep moving forwards with success.

That is why I have created Your Horsemanship – to put all the resources you need to successfully train your horse at your fingertips.

And all this for a full year, for less than the price of four private lessons.

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My Your Horsemanship Mission

My goal is to help riders and trainers like you to build a better relationship with your horse, to give you the right training tools to solve problems should they occur and the knowledge, skills and confidence to prevent problems occurring in the first place.

Your Horsemanship is designed to empower riders of all levels and aspirations, whether you simply want a safe hack who’s mannerly in the stable and a pleasure to handle, or whether you’re a competition rider looking to excel in your chosen discipline.



In developing a plan for Your Horsemanship, my mission has been to create the most comprehensive training programme available online; one that is easy to navigate, understand and learn from while answering pretty much any question you may have related to horse training.

The Your Horsemanship video library currently holds over 200 training videos on every aspect of training horses, together with specialised remedial training videos related to problems such as loading, rearing, napping and spooking.

And I will be adding to the Your Horsemanship library on a continual basis, in response to your questions, feedback and any specific challenges you may face with your own horses.

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As a Your Horsemanship member, you will never be alone on your horsemanship journey. Our members-only Training Chat forum is a great place to ask questions, chat to fellow members and to make horsey friends.

And my team and I are always at the end of a Facebook message, tweet or email should you have any questions or have something to share.


What Else?

While the most obvious benefits of becoming a Your Horsemanship member is having on demand access to the entire Your Horsemanship video library and access to the Your Horsemanship Training Chat forum, the benefits don’t stop there.

Yearly members receive a free bridle rope, baseball cap and lesson folder. Your Horsemanship gives you access to printable guides that you can bring to the yard and presents practical challenges that you can try with your own horse. Regular members-only webinars also give you another route to ask questions and to get instant feedback on how your horse’s training is progressing.

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Value For Money

As a horseman from rural Australia, talking about money is not my thing! But in pricing Your Horsemanship membership I wanted to make sure it offers you exceptional value for money.

Membership for a full year costs less than the price of just four private lessons. With over 200 horse training videos (and growing) at your fingertips, this works out at about just £1 per video. And you can watch them all again, and again, and again.

Feedback from our members is exceptional and I am confident that you and your horse will see the benefits too.

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‘Get in’ to Your Horsemanship today so we can help you to ‘Get On’ with your horse.

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