Online Learning

Horse training courses from renowned trainer Jason Webb to improve confidence and skills, and to give you results at your fingertips

Our online training is split into four courses covering different stages on your horsemanship journey:

  • Pre-training Knowledge
  • Foundation Training
  • Re-education
  • Challenges

If you're new to horse training, you can simply start at the beginning with the Pre-Training Knowledge course to get some background in the fundamental concepts. Foundation Training then covers all the topics you need to understand and interact successfully with your horse. Having issues? Re-Education is remedial training to help you to understand behavioural issues which may have you frustrated. Challenges are a little fun - test your skills by attempting both permanent and monthly challenges - you can even win prizes for taking part!

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Pre-training Knowledge Course

Gain an understanding of the nature of the horse, how they learn and how to be an effective horseman. We advise that all students familiarise themselves with these simple principles before commencing any training with a horse. Topics include:

  • Body language
  • Equipment
  • Sensitising and Desensitising
  • Timing and Feel

Foundation Training

Follow the Foundation Training programme through from start to finish and learn how to work with a horse from first principles to starting, hacking out confidently to correct schooling under saddle. Just a few topics from this huge course:

  • Meeting: First Approach
  • Catching: The Catching Process
  • Desensitisation: Dealing with Flight
  • Tying Up: Testing the Tie
  • Mounting: Saddle and Move
  • Introducing Movement: Basic Transitions
  • Out and About: Gates

Remedial Training

Understand why things go wrong and the common problems horses and riders face. Presented as a library of problems and solutions, each lesson is linked to the relevant learning in the Foundation Training Course. Some of the issues covered:

  • Loading
  • Nipping
  • Grooming
  • Hosing
  • Barging
  • New Environments
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1-1 Surgery 65 55 10
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Loading 250 & travel 200 & travel 50
Half Day 250 & travel 225 & travel 25
YH Educator lesson (Tom Mitchell) varies All 5
Full Day 500 & travel 450 & travel 50
2 Day 250 200 50
3 Day 365 315 50
Coffee Morning 10 Free (charity donation)
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Demonstrations 500 (plus expenses) 450 (plus expenses) 50
YH Demonstrations (Spectator) TBC TBC 5
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