Jason Webb

"My mission is to empower riders of all levels and aspirations, from those wanting a safe hack to competition riders excelling in a range of disciplines."

Your Horsemanship is an online horsemanship programme comprising over 250 video lessons with accompanying print guides. It is designed to help users follow a robust, progressive series of exercises from the ground and under saddle to achieve a willing, confident horse. Remedial training for common behavioural problems is also just a mouse click away.

Your Horsemanship is brought to you by UK-based Australian horseman, Jason Webb. With a nationwide reputation for starting horses and retraining those with behavioural and ridden problems, Jason is regularly featured in equestrian press such as Your Horse and Horse & Rider magazines and blogs for Horse and Hound.

“My training program has evolved from methods passed down through generations of my family and incorporating my experiences working with thousands of horses and owners over the past twenty years.  My mission is to empower riders of all levels and aspirations, from those wanting a safe hack to competition riders excelling in a range of disciplines. There is no “magic” to my methods; they have evolved from those practised by hundreds of good horsemen and women every day.  However, by organising them into a structured and easy to follow programme, every horse owner can start their journey towards having a confident, versatile and happy horse.”

About Jason

Jason teaching with a horse

Jason grew up on his family’s 4,000 acre sheep and cattle property at the foot of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia.

Described as having “being born in the saddle,” Jason and his three siblings spent their formative years gaining an all round equestrian education working the farm from horseback, and competing at Pony Club, show jumping, polocrosse, campdrafting and rodeo. With a passion for racing, Jason’s father, Doug bred Thoroughbreds for the local racetrack and it wasn’t rare for these horses to be retrained for various disciplines alongside their homebred Australian Stock Horses.

In his early teens, Jason was taught to start horses using the same methods handed down through generations of horsemen in his family.  Having developed an interest in this area of work, Jason spent time with some excellent competitors and trainers in Australia where he improved his understanding of horse behaviour and remedial work with ‘problem’ horses.  Having competed at the highest level at polocrosse in Australia, he travelled to the UK to play and coach but became sought after to start young horses in the South East.  He quickly gained a reputation for producing calm, well mannered horses and for having an ability to turn around horses with severe behavioural and ridden problems.

In 2002, Jason settled in the UK and set up his business, Your Horsemanship, at Risebridge Farm, the family farm of his future wife Penny. Jason and his team now handle over 200 horses a year, from Olympic and professional riders, studs and private owners nationwide and he regularly receives referrals from vets, farriers, equine dentists and other equestrian professionals.

Jason travels worldwide for consultations and teaching clinics and is in demand for demonstrations, performing at Your Horse Live every year from 2011 to 2018 and other prestigious national and regional events such as the BHS Welfare Conference, The Southwest Christmas Equine Fair and ToastLife Festival. He also contributes to national magazines such as Your Horse, Horse & Rider and Horsemanship Journal, to popular online sites Horse & Country TV and HorseHero, and blogs for Horse & Hound. In 2017, Jason was invited to judge alongside Lucinda Green and Leslie Law at the Dublin Horse Show.

Outside of horses, Jason is kept very busy by his two children, Jack and Rosie, who are developing their parents’ passion for all sports and who are starting to spend a bit of time in the saddle too!

What they say

“I am delighted with the way Jason starts my homebred youngsters, and he has also helped me with working through problems with my older horses, too” - Laura Tomlinson MBE (nee Bechtolsheimer, Olympic Dressage Gold and Bronze Medallist)

"I bought a young horse and took on the challenge to start her myself, but after quite a serious fall, I decided that I needed help. Being an online member of Your Horsemanship has been my lifesaver (maybe literally!). It’s given me a real focus, far more confidence, and somewhere supportive to turn to. Jason’s approach is quite unique in that he manages to remotely share valuable detail that you wouldn’t usually get unless face to face and I feel like I'm getting the best possible training and support. The difference is that we do it in my own time and don't have the hefty call out fee." - Alison Ball, Premium Member

I would highly recommend Jason and the Your Horsemanship programme to anyone who has a problem with their horse or who just wants to take their horsemanship skills to another level. Jason's methods are extremely effective and have helped me build a much closer relationship with my horse, which has been very rewarding. We have also had a lot of fun along the way. Joining the programme was one of the best decisions I have made as a horse owner. - Alison Baycock, Standard Member

Living in France, I don't get much chance to attend clinics or benefit from hands-on training, so Your Horsemanship Online has been invaluable, not only for training advice but because it helps me feel part of a like-minded community. I've been a member since 2015 and originally signed up for some help and guidance with my youngster Ckaliq, who was at the time a 3-year-old mostly unhandled stallion and quite a handful! He's now a 6-year-old gelding who is progressing nicely and, although he certainly still has his playful spirit, he's completely transformed from the unruly stallion that I first purchased. Although I do have previous experience riding and handling young horses, Ckaliq is the first horse that I have owned and started myself from scratch. I can't explain how much help Your Horsemanship has been during that process. The step-by-step videos gave me a great framework to ensure I'd covered all the basics before getting on-board, but I also like that you don't have to follow them in order - this meant I could be flexible and work on the areas most relevant at the time. Having Jason on-hand to answer questions has got me through a few sticky moments and given me both the confidence to carry on when I was doubting myself or the courage to accept when something wasn't working, so that I could go back and fix it. I would 100% recommend Your Horsemanship to riders and horse owners of all levels. Jason gives brilliant training advice that is relevant to both beginners or more nervous riders, as well as experienced riders, and best of all, we all get to share our experiences during webinars and show our skills in the Challenges without being judged or criticised - it's always about positive, practical advice to help us improve and move forwards. Which is in my opinion what good horsemanship should be all about. - Zoe Smith, Standard Member

“Jason has great empathy and patience with all horses (and owners!) he works with and is remarkably effective… a truly great horseman” - Fiona Price, HorseHero

“Jason is excellent at handling all types of horses and has a range of experience and skills that transfer across the disciplines” - Tony Warr BVMS BSc MRCVS and 4* Eventer

“He is kind and practices a system of training techniques that work no matter what discipline you participate in… a true horse trainer” - Jo Warrilow Equine Events & PR

“A welcoming, horse-focused yard with great staff, 5* care and top class training” - Tally Wade, Horsemanship Journal and Western Horse UK magazine

“I am really impressed with how Jason handles my young horses and the results over a short space of time” - Emily Baldwin, International Eventer

“Jason works with a number of my, and my clients’ horses with great results - highly recommended!” - Damian Hallam, International Dressage Rider

“Jason works wonders with horses that have leg and foot handling issues and all the staff handle young horses well for their first shoeing experiences – so important in my job!” - Jamie Hubbard, Farrier

“Jason has started our homebred polo ponies for the past three years and does a great job.” - Mark Tomlinson, Beaufort Polo and England Polo Team

“Jason Webb has a wealth of knowledge that he departs in a calm and understandable manner. He can offer people the tools to make riding/handling their horse an enjoyable experience and  this helps to build/restore confidence. Even if you are very experienced Jason has tips and insight to offer.” - Pippa Boyle, ROR South East, Jim Boyle Racing

Jason’s Horse Training Philosophy

I have spent my working life building on my experiences and the knowledge of generations of horsemen in my own family and other exceptional horse trainers and these decades of experience underpin my training philosophy.

My grandfather and father were using techniques based on the natural instincts of the horse well before the term “natural horsemanship” was introduced to the equestrian world. They understood how to read the horse’s reactions to situations and adapt their own movements and behavior to bring out the best in their animals. In turn, they passed their stockman’s knowledge onto my siblings and I. After such a good start in my horse training education, I have worked on refining these techniques through working with thousands of horses and owners to produce a training program that I believe works for both horses and riders.

My horse training revolves around these three concepts:

Developing a balance between TRUST and RESPECT in both horse and owner creates an attitude to learn. They are fundamental to your partnership with your horse and future progression and success in your chosen discipline.

Having the skills and confidence to be a leader to your horse creates willingness in the horse to follow and try for you.

Knowledge is power. The more you learn, the more knowledge you can impart to your horse and the more your partnership will progress and strengthen… Never stop trying to learn to be a better horseperson!

Jason’s Training Methods

All of my training programs revolve around my MO:RE4 process: Jason's MO:RE4 process

In practical terms, this process is often related to the concept of ‘making the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard’, ‘advance-retreat’ and ‘pressure – release’. However, this same process can also allow the horse trainer to choose a positive reinforcement as a “motivation”, therefore encompassing both the negative and positive reinforcement scales of horse training.

When you consider the definition of pressure as ‘the exertion of force against a thing; influence or persuasion of an oppressive kind’, it is only natural that I should prefer to use the word “motivate” as it is defined as ‘to stimulate the interest of; to inspire’ (Oxford English Dictionary). Within my horse training, I am not forcing the horse to follow my commands but I am giving the horse an option and in time they will find the easy option (my desired “result”) and be rewarded.

Horses are Animals

I always impress upon people the need to consider that their horse is an animal, with instincts and needs that have evolved through thousands of years in order to keep them alive. When I train horses, I use and work with their natural instincts to teach them but I also try to look at the whole picture; how is the horse managed at home? What is he fed? Are there simple steps that could be taken to change his behaviour? How can we balance the needs of the owner with the needs of the horse? Horses are amazingly adaptable animals and it is part of our duty as owners to consider not just their physical health but their mental well-being too.

Jason Webb In The Media

Jason Webb regularly contributes to national equestrian magazines and influential websites as an industry expert.

Jason Webb regularly contributes to national equestrian magazines and influential websites as an industry expert. He featured in Your Horse Magazine’s “Big Interview” series and provides advice monthly through the magazine’s Open Clinic series. He also contributes articles and opinion on horse behaviour and horse training to Horse & Rider, Horse & Hound, Horsemart, Horsemanship Journal, Western Horse UK and Redpin Publishing (with six regional titles covering the UK including South East Rider) amongst others. He has even featured in a BBC1 Saturday News item with sports reporter, Mike Bushell!

Jason is delighted to blog regularly for Horse & Hound Magazine, the “Bible of the Equestrian World”. He has produced training videos for HorseHero, contributes to Horse & Country TV in their “Ask the Expert” section and provided commentary for this popular website during the 2012 London Olympic Games.

It is testament to our use of social media that we were a finalist in the 2012 Pageplay Equestrian Social Media Awards. We use Facebook, Instragram, and Twitter to keep everyone up to date on what we are up to. Please join us!

Your Horse Live regular

Jason has performed demonstrations at the prestigious equestrian event, Your Horse Live since 2011. They have included giving young horses their first rides, dealing with spooky horses, introducing young horses to new environments and giving the ever popular Diesel a chance to show off in front of the crowds!

Horse & Hound blogger

Jason has been a highly popular blogger for Horse & Hound magazine’s website since 2012. His posts include examples of horses on training and tips on how to deal with ridden and behavioural problems. Read Jason’s H&H blog here

Media expert

Jason blogs regularly for Horse & Hound magazine’s website and writes articles on aspects of horse training and horse behavior for numerous equestrian titles including Your Horse, Horse, Horse & Rider, Horsemanship Journal and South East Rider. He contributes expert advice to Horse & Country TV and has produced videos for the HorseHero website.

Polocrosse Team Captain

Since captaining the New South Wales U21 team in Australia, Jason has gone on to play and coach polocrosse at the highest level, including captaining the UK team at the Polocrosse World Cup in 2011 and acting as player-coach of the 2015 UK World Cup Squad. He will travel to the 2019 World Cup in Australia as part of the UK team.