Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for my membership?

Your Horsemanship holds over 250 video lessons from the highly regarded UK-based Australian horseman, Jason Webb. These lessons are organised into modules within the following courses;

Pre Training Knowledge, which is available in the form of an e-book
Foundation Training; Respect and Control on the Ground
Foundation Training; Preparing to Ride
Foundation Training; Introducing Ridden Work
Foundation Training; Fundamentals of Ridden Work
Re-Education Training; Solving Problems on the Ground
Re-Education Training; Solving Problems Under Saddle

The lessons within the Foundation Training Courses follow Jason Webb’s program that he uses with young horses being started under saddle, and those with behavioural issues that come to him for residential horse training. The lessons are accompanied with a PDF and end of module quizzes to consolidate your understanding.

In addition to the video lesson library, you will receive a monthly filmed demonstration from Jason Webb. These cover Jason working through common issues with his own and clients’ horses, so you can view training in real-life situations. The demonstrations are accompanied by a livestreamed Q&A, where members can catch up with Jason and ask questions about their horses and training.

Members also receive bi-monthly webinars with Jason Webb and guest experts. Topics range from the management and health of horses, to chats with top riders and equestrian professionals.

Lastly, members have access to a number of ground and ridden challenges that you can try in order to test your training and give purpose to your rides!

Who is this online resource suitable for?

This resource is suitable for all handlers and riders who want to understand how to keep calm, confident and in control of their horses on the ground and when riding. 

It is just as beneficial to those just starting out on their horsemanship journey, as it is to experienced horse people competing at a high level in a range of disciplines, or breeding and producing young horses. 

The courses are particularly suitable for those;
Wanting to start or train young horses
Wanting their horse to have great foundations on the ground and under saddle
Wanting to solve ground or ridden issues
Wishing to develop a respectful and trusting relationship with their horse
Wishing to ride with confidence in all situations
Wanting their understanding of horses and the horse-human relationship to develop
Wanting to know how to remain calm, consistent and decisive in their interactions with their horses
Who may not be “horsey” and want to help family members or friends with their horses

Please note that if you have a dangerous issue with your horse, then Your Horsemanship recommends that you seek “in person” help with a trusted trainer.

Can I join if I don’t have a horse?

Yes! You can learn so much through the Courses, Demonstrations and Webinars that you can put into practice when you do have the chance to be with horses.

How does Your Horsemanship Online Work?

When you join Your Horsemanship, you will get instant access to all the Courses and past demonstrations, webinars and challenges. 

We highly recommend that the first thing you do is to read the Pre Training Knowledge e-book, so you gain understanding of Jason’s horse training philosophies and methods before you start.

This is your horsemanship journey, so you can choose to follow the lessons within the Foundation Courses in an “A-Z” fashion, or you can pick and choose those that are particularly relevant to you and your horse. 

In the Re-Education section, each problem covered comes with recommended video lessons within the Foundation Courses to give you the best chance of understanding and solving the issue.

If there is a specific topic that you are interested in, you can simply use the search button to take you to all the relevant lessons, demonstrations and webinars.

Members receive a weekly email with information and links to the demonstrations, Q&A’s, webinars and challenges, plus any events and news.

Members are also encouraged to join the Members’ Facebook Group, where they can share ideas, ask questions and get extra tips and techniques.

How do I access the video lessons?

Once you have joined Your Horsemanship Online, you simply log in using your username and password to receive instant access to all areas of Your Horsemanship.

How do I access the demonstrations, Q&A’s and webinars?

You will receive links to the demonstrations, Q&A’s and webinars via a weekly email. However, they are all recorded and available to view “on catch up” within the relevant section within the members’ area of the website.

How do I enter the Challenges?

There will be three new ground and ridden Challenges a year. Both Members and non-members can enter their videoed efforts into a competition judged by Jason. Past challenges are available to view and try out at your leisure!

How much does membership cost?

You can join annually for £120 a year, or monthly for £15 a month.

Can I cancel my membership at any point?

You can cancel your annual membership at any point, and you will keep access until the annual renewal date.

You can cancel your monthly membership at any point, and you will keep access until the monthly renewal date.

Can members come to lessons and camps?

Members receive discounts on a range of events run by Your Horsemanship.

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