“I am delighted with the way Jason starts my homebred youngsters, and he has also helped me with working through problems with my older horses, too” – Laura Tomlinson MBE (nee Bechtolsheimer, Olympic Dressage Gold and Bronze Medallist)

“I bought a young horse and took on the challenge to start her myself, but after quite a serious fall, I decided that I needed help. Being an online member of Your Horsemanship has been my lifesaver (maybe literally!). It’s given me a real focus, far more confidence, and somewhere supportive to turn to. Jason’s approach is quite unique in that he manages to remotely share valuable detail that you wouldn’t usually get unless face to face and I feel like I’m getting the best possible training and support. The difference is that we do it in my own time and don’t have the hefty call out fee.” – Alison Ball, Premium Member

I would highly recommend Jason and the Your Horsemanship programme to anyone who has a problem with their horse or who just wants to take their horsemanship skills to another level. Jason’s methods are extremely effective and have helped me build a much closer relationship with my horse, which has been very rewarding. We have also had a lot of fun along the way. Joining the programme was one of the best decisions I have made as a horse owner. – Alison Baycock, Standard Member

Living in France, I don’t get much chance to attend clinics or benefit from hands-on training, so Your Horsemanship Online has been invaluable, not only for training advice but because it helps me feel part of a like-minded community. I’ve been a member since 2015 and originally signed up for some help and guidance with my youngster Ckaliq, who was at the time a 3-year-old mostly unhandled stallion and quite a handful! He’s now a 6-year-old gelding who is progressing nicely and, although he certainly still has his playful spirit, he’s completely transformed from the unruly stallion that I first purchased. Although I do have previous experience riding and handling young horses, Ckaliq is the first horse that I have owned and started myself from scratch. I can’t explain how much help Your Horsemanship has been during that process. The step-by-step videos gave me a great framework to ensure I’d covered all the basics before getting on-board, but I also like that you don’t have to follow them in order – this meant I could be flexible and work on the areas most relevant at the time. Having Jason on-hand to answer questions has got me through a few sticky moments and given me both the confidence to carry on when I was doubting myself or the courage to accept when something wasn’t working, so that I could go back and fix it. I would 100% recommend Your Horsemanship to riders and horse owners of all levels. Jason gives brilliant training advice that is relevant to both beginners or more nervous riders, as well as experienced riders, and best of all, we all get to share our experiences during webinars and show our skills in the Challenges without being judged or criticised – it’s always about positive, practical advice to help us improve and move forwards. Which is in my opinion what good horsemanship should be all about. – Zoe Smith, Standard Member

“Jason has great empathy and patience with all horses (and owners!) he works with and is remarkably effective… a truly great horseman” – Fiona Price, HorseHero

“Jason is excellent at handling all types of horses and has a range of experience and skills that transfer across the disciplines” – Tony Warr BVMS BSc MRCVS and 4* Eventer

“He is kind and practices a system of training techniques that work no matter what discipline you participate in… a true horse trainer” – Jo Warrilow Equine Events & PR

“A welcoming, horse-focused yard with great staff, 5* care and top class training” – Tally Wade, Horsemanship Journal and Western Horse UK magazine

“I am really impressed with how Jason handles my young horses and the results over a short space of time” – Emily Baldwin, International Eventer

“Jason works with a number of my, and my clients’ horses with great results – highly recommended!” – Damian Hallam, International Dressage Rider

“Jason works wonders with horses that have leg and foot handling issues and all the staff handle young horses well for their first shoeing experiences – so important in my job!” – Jamie Hubbard, Farrier

“Jason has started our homebred polo ponies for the past three years and does a great job.” – Mark Tomlinson, Beaufort Polo and England Polo Team“Jason Webb has a wealth of knowledge that he departs in a calm and understandable manner. He can offer people the tools to make riding/handling their horse an enjoyable experience and  this helps to build/restore confidence. Even if you are very experienced Jason has tips and insight to offer.” – Pippa Boyle, ROR South East, Jim Boyle Racing

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