Connection Through Long Reining

Work on physical and mental connection with your horse through this long reining exercise, and see how it pays off under saddle.

Working on connection in long reining!

What is long reining?

Long reining, or long lining, is a form of riderless exercise for your horse that teaches the horse the leg and rein aids and increases his balance by encouraging more use of his hind legs.

How do you introduce a horse to long reining? 

Your horse needs to be desensitised to ropes around his body and hind legs, and understand cues on the lunge before you introduce the second rein.

How do you long rein a horse?

Your two long reins run from the bit (or bites bridle) and through a roller. You need to be out of kicking distance behind your horse, and make sure that your horse understands your forward and backward cues before you leave an enclosed area.

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