Bucking can be a tricky problem to solve. Some horses buck when they are asked to go forward, whilst some buck when they get over-excited. Some buck regularly, whilst others only buck intermittently… you get the idea! 

The first thing I would always check is that your horse does not have any physical symptoms that could be causing the problem, through a veterinary examination. Once these have been ruled out, assess the reasons that cause your horse to buck. Is it because he is evading your forward cue, or is it because he is releasing an excess of energy? Understanding why your horse is bucking, can form how you go about solving the issue.

However, whatever the cause,, a great technique to control, and prevent, your horse from bucking is to use a one rein stop, or one rein bends. A horse finds it very hard to buck when they have a bend in their body. Have a look at this short clip of me working with George, taken from a series of lessons with him that are available within Your Horsemanship Online, as part of the Re-Education Course.

Bucking – Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my horse bucking?

Once physical and pain related reasons have been discounted, horses either buck due resistance to a forward cue from the rider, or out of excitability and adrenaline. 

What to do if a horse starts bucking?

If your horse starts bucking, get into my “Oh My Gosh” seat, and use one rein to put a bend into his body. This can be as a one-rein stop, or a one-rein bend.

How do you stop a horse bucking in canter?

Horses tend to buck in canter as this is when the rider is either pushing them to input more energy than the horse wants to put in, or the faster pace may cause excitability in your horse. In either case, make sure your horse is responding to light forward cues in walk and trot before you ask for canter.

How do you stop a horse from bucking?

A horse cannot buck if he has a lateral bend throughout his body, through his head, neck and rib cage. By bringing your horse into a tight circle with one rein is very effective at stopping your horse from bucking. 

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