YH Challenge Cups

Every three months, Jason sets a groundwork and ridden “Challenge” based on practical applications of the lessons within Your Horsemanship. Members can enter their recorded attempts at the challenges to be in with a chance of winning a prize. Alternatively, the archived challenges can be used as a fun way to test your progress at any point during the Your Horsemanship journey.

How to Enter

  • New groundwork and ridden challenges will be posted in this area of the website, and also in the Members’ Facebook Group, with a closing date for entries.
  • Once you have filmed you doing the challenge, you can enter the Challenge Cup by clicking on the entry form button, filling it out and uploading your video. Please name your video with your name and the challenge, e.g. “charliebrowngroundwork”.
  • The winner is chosen for what Jason judges as the Best Performance, in terms of the cues that the handler or rider is giving.

“We have horses and handlers/riders of all levels on Your Horsemanship and I want to recognise that. Therefore, the Best Performance may not look the most perfect, but shows real understanding of the techniques and connection with their horse”

Entrants must be full members with a paid subscription to Your Horsemanship which is active at some point during the Challenge period. Entrants must post their entries by the ‘enter by’ date given. Entries submitted after this will not be considered for the competition, but please feel free to share your attempts at the challenge at any time afterwards with the Your Horsemanship community.

Winners will be notified via the email address associated with their Your Horsemanship account, and news of the winners will be posted after the closing date.

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