How to Attach a Bridle Rope

I love bridle ropes. They are such a simple piece of tack but can really help in day-to-day training. They are basically a piece of quality marine rope with an eyelet at one end that passes up through the rings of your horse’s snaffle bit, behind their ears and fastens at the side of their cheek (where a head collar would fasten).

Once attached, the bridle rope allows you to clip a lunge line or long lead rope to the section below your horse’s jaw (between the bit rings) so you can lunge, do groundwork and lead your horse without pulling them around by the bit or having to take their bridle off.

You can read more about the bridle rope, why I use it and about the other tack and equipment I recommend in the the Pre Training Knowledge section of the website. But for now, here’s a quick tip on how how to attach a bridle rope.

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