Introducing the Challenge Cup

Our Members’ Challenge Cup Competition is a great way to give yourself a focus and have fun!  Jason Webb would like to see as many Your Horsemanship Members as possible taking part in the Challenge Cup and he will give feedback on everyone’s efforts so don’t be shy please give it a go!  The Challenge Cup is open to any member with an active subscription during the competition period.  Jason is encouraging Your Horsemanship Members to support each other with your horse training and the Challenge Cup is no different lets encourage each other, watch the latest Challenge Cup Challenge and “Get In & Get On” this month!

How it will work:

Jason Describes How the Your Horsemanship Challenge Cup will be Judged:

There is a Ground Work and Ridden Work Competition each month with 2 prizes:

Prize 1 – for Best Performance:

It’s as simple as that, the person who shows the best control and movement (not necessarily speed, that will depend on the challenge that is set) I will judge as the best performance!

Prize 2 – for Most Improved:

 We have horses and handlers/riders of all levels on Your Horsemanship and I want to recognise that and help those of you who may not be as polished but are working hard to get there!  This Prize is for you, the journey is the hard part and I want to see you giving this a go, the person and horse who I feel have made a good effort and really shown understanding and progression will be awarded this price.


Each Winner will be awarded a Your Horsemanship Achievement Award and receive a prize for their efforts.  Prizes will vary every month but we promise they will be well worth your efforts!!!

Annual Award:

 Jason will use the videos over the year to pick an overall winner who takes part in at least 3 Challenge Cups and will pick a “Your Horsemanship Horse of the Year”

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