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Silver Linings!

WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU… Sit back, a rambling post on its way! Our recent office move threw up some blasts from the past, including this photo of me competing in the Tumut Rodeo when I was about 18 years old (rodeo aficionados, apologies for my lack of style!), about three years after I had been …

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Horse & Rider Biomechanics… It’s all about “The Roll”!

When we are riding, it’s very useful to think about the biomechanics of the horse. How your horse moves within each gait affects how the rider needs to move in order to be in unison, and to ensure a comfortable ride for both you and the horse. In this video, I am working with Vanessa …

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Changing your perspective on a tricky situation with your horse can work wonders in helping you overcome the problem.

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