The Perfect Christmas Gift





With every new Yearly Membership (or £120 gift voucher) to Your Horsemanship purchased between 01.12.23 – 25.12.23, you will receive a free gift of a Safe-Tie to unwrap on the big day; an essential piece of kit that every horse person needs!
Jason Webb’s online horse training resource, Your Horsemanship, holds 250+ video lessons within 4 Foundation Courses, plus a Problem Solving Library for all sorts of behavioural and ridden issues, regular Demonstrations, Q&A’s, Webinars and Challenges.  Members also receive 10% off “in person” lessons, course days and camps.
Whether you or a loved one has a young horse, a new horse, a challenging horse, or just wish to gain knowledge and a true partnership, then Your Horsemanship is for you!

What’s a Safe-Tie?


The Safe Tie allows horses to pull back without injuring or freeing themselves.  At the same time it creates enough resistance to teach the horse to step forward to release halter pressure rather than pulling back.  It can be used on the yard, in the stable, on the horsebox… anywhere you need to tie your horse safely!
The Safe-Tie currently retails at £18.95, and your postage will also be free.

2 Ways to Receive Your Free Safe-Tie

1. Head to our website shop and purchase the Yearly Membership between 01.12.23 – 25.12.23 to receive your free safe-tie.
2. If you are buying for a loved one, purchase a £120 Gift Voucher between 01.12.23 – 25.12.23 so they can set up and start their membership to suit, and we will email you to ask what address you would like the safe-tie sent to.  https://yourhorsemanship.com/product/gift-card-your-horsemanship/
(Please note that the safe-tie is not gifted for monthly memberships or gift vouchers of a value of less than £120).

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Christmas Gift”

  1. I took out the year subscription , but didn’t see any code/info on how i would get the free safe tie. i would like one but doesn’t matter that it may be after xmas

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