Lunging Problems – Max won’t lunge right or left..

Jason is helping Max and his owners after he has been struggling with lunging on the right rein and has been reacting when asked.  Lunging can be a difficult exercise and it’s very important to remember CCD.  To be Calm, Consistent and Decisive.  Jason’s online training resource Your Horsemanship has his full training videos which cover lunging and how to overcome common problems.  Click below to find out more..

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Lunging – Frequently Asked Questions

What does lunging a horse mean?

Lunging a horse means that your horse moves around you in a circle on one lunge rein.

How long should you lunge a horse for? 

 I use lunging for training purposes rather than exercising, so I rarely lunge for more than ten minutes. If you want to lunge for exercise, make sure that you lunge on a large circle.

What are the benefits of lunging a horse?

Lunging is one of the key areas of groundwork in my training program, and has a number of benefits from introducing tack to a young horse, developing balance and suppleness in older horses, and solving handling and ridden behavioural problems.

How do you lunge a horse? 

Your lunge rein or rope is attached to a halter, bit, bridle or bridle rope, and your horse responds to voice cues and your body language to move in a circle around you at different paces.

How do you lunge a horse for beginners?

Start in walk, and think of your body as directing traffic. When you want your horse to walk forward in a left hand circle around you, hold your rope with your left hand and point in the direction you want your horse to go in and move to your horse’s left hip. If your horse doesn’t respond, you can add energy by moving a lunge whip towards your horse’s hindquarters with your right hand.

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