June/July 2017 Challenge Cup

June/July Challenge Cup: Control and Speed

We’ve sped things up this month while still asking you to achieve accuracy! The Challenge theme is “Control and Speed” but don’t be fooled by the fact it looks easy! This challenge will be a lot of fun but as many of you have already commented on with previous Challenges things aren’t always what they seem. With that in mind Jason has included some “Tip Videos” for both Challenges to help you gain maximum points.

Ground Work Challenge:

The Groundwork Challenge sees you lead your horse between two lines, ideally with them tucked behind following you respectfully, but definitely not overtaking! Once they reach the second line they must stop with their hind legs behind the line while their front feet are over it, pause, then turn (to gain maximum points ensure that during the turn your horse crosses their hindlegs) and head back over the start line again.

Fancy some liberty work? If you find the Challenge easy then try it at liberty, just like Jason does with Diesel!

What we are looking for:

  • A horse that responds to a forward cue or signal in a timely manner.
  • A horse that is respectful and stays behind or to the side of their handler without overtaking, dragging behind or getting strong.
  • A horse that stops when you stop.
  • Good Foot Control – a horse that places their feet as instructed in front of and behind the white line.
  • Correct Turning – horse turns correctly crossing their hindlegs.
  • Handler shows an understanding of how to ask their horse forward, leads correctly and corrects if necessary, can park their horse, turn them and maintain good overall control.

Groundwork Challenge Tip Video

Things aren’t as easy as they look so please watch Jason’s Quick Tip Video on this Challenge:

Groundwork Challenge Entry Classes:

Class One – Best Performance – one video showing accuracy, fluidity and responsiveness

Class two – Most Improved – must show a before and after video


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Ridden Challenge:

While in the Ridden Challenge the same pattern applies as the Groundwork Challenge the challenges the rider faces are slightly different. Once you park your horse over the line Jason would love to see you drop or slacken the reins to prove your horses isn’t going to move off before your cue. This is a lot harder than you think if your horse is likely to anticipate heading home again!

What to aim for…

  • A horse that responds to a forward cue without resistance
  • A horse that stops easily over the line without becoming too strong
  • Rider Accuracy – the rider shows they are able to place their horse’s feet in front of and behind the white line without adjustment or over running the line.
  • A horse can be parked over the line, ideally rider is able to drop the rein (if safe to do so) without the horse fidgeting, becoming tense and anticipating moving off again!
  • Correct Turning technique without the horse dropping the shoulder and demonstrate being able to cross the horses hindlegs.

Watch Jason’s Quick Tips Video:

Ridden Challenge Entry Classes:

Class One – Best Performance – one video showing accuracy, fluidity and responsiveness

Class Two – Most Improved – must show a before and after video.

If you’re not a full member and would like to take part, please head over to our store to sign up. You can watch the Challenge video without an account but you can not take part or win prizes so what are you waiting for! (dan’s link)


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Jason with Cup Winners

1st Place for each class will be awarded a Your Horsemanship Challenge Cup or Medal!

2nd Place will receive the Your Horsemanship Silver Medal

3rd Place will receive the Your Horsemanship Bronze Medal

Best Member– will receive a Toggi Poloshirt, this is for the person who shows support to others via the forum and our social pages, facebook etc.  Your Horsemanship is a family and we want our members to support each other.

All prize winners will be announced on the forum pages, our facebook pages and newsletter.

Members can see the rules and how to enter in the Challenge Cup section of the Chat Forum

What our members are saying about the Challenge Cup

Alison Baycock

Thank you so much Jason. Like the others i have greatly enjoyed doing the first challenge and found it really beneficial – especially watching the videos (even tho it makes me cringe!) and receiving your detailed feedback. Getting a medal is the icing on the cake. Thanks also to Kay and everyone else for their support – it makes it even more fun.

Alison Ball Alison and Joss

Wow! Thank you Jason. We had great fun doing the challenge. I must say that I thought it would be much easier. But when faced with taking her out of her safe environment, it proved to be a very useful excercise. We’re now exploring the outside World a bit more. I love the challenges. Such a great way to improve your horse and horsemanship whilst sharing the experience with others. I think I may celebrate later. And Joss will have a treat.

As we’re showing off our medals, here’s one of me and Joss sporting our fabulous challenge cup. What a lovely surprise to get it in the post. Thank you Jason Webb and Sarah for making Yourhorsemanship so inclusive and fun.

Zoe Smith

🙂 I love all the encouragement and especially that the prizes aren’t just based on who did it best. I wasn’t able to take part in this months challenge, but can’t wait to try the April one.

Kay Willis
Mac the horse

“Mac and I would like to thank Your Horsemanship and Jason Webb and Sarah O’Neill for our bronze and silver medal for the March challenges.
I thought as Mac had done most of the work he should model them but as they wouldn’t go over his head we came up with another idea!
A very big thank you – feeling PROUD! Here I am with Mac in the field sporting my new Toggi polo shirt for Best Participant and medals! A great big thank you to Your Horsemanship for my prizes for the March challenges and of course to my great Steed!

Kay with Mac

The polo shirt was kindly donated by our sponsors Toggi

Angelika and Faith who have been Members of Your Horsemanship for three years.Angelika and Faith

Sarah Reed won Best Performance on her horse ZiggySarah with Cup

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